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Süper Akışkanlaştırıcı

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Polycarboxylates are complex co-polymers which can be engineered to fulfill many different functions, and consist of a negatively charged ‘backbone’ molecule with polymeric side chains.

The most recently developed products; the PolyCarboxylate Ethers and Esters additionally work by steric hinderence resulting from the hydrophilic polyether pendent chains which are grafted onto a polyacrylic acid backbone. In total there exists a complex family of PCE products all having influence on rheology, water reduction, workability retention and concrete performance. The user is thus particularly advised to consult the manufacturer before use.


Advantages of Polycarboxylic Ethers:

  • Low Dosages
  • High slump retention
  • Water reduction up to 25%
  • Good compatibility with cements
  • Environmental friendly products



CPR 100 toz melamin sülfonat bazlı süper akışkanlaştırıcıdır. Çimento bazlı ürünlerde kullanılır.

Görünüş Beyaz Toz 
Kimyasal Yapısı  Melamin sülfonat
Yoğunluk0,55-0,65 g/cm³ 
pH   (25°C, 10% çözelti)9.5-11,5